Thursday, May 28, 2015

buzzy linhart

Working the summer on Long Island when a tune catches my ear on the car radio, 'Talk About a Morning', artist Buzzy Linhart, reports the DJ, adding "now appearing at Kenny's Castaways in the Village," Debra and i that night driving into the City to see him, picking-up their album.

No more heard of Linhart til years later, spotting a flyer he playing a corner bar [the Ice House?] in nearby Herndon, VA, convincing officemate Bruce Wright, in my absence, to go see him.  They chatting after his set, discovered Buzzy appeared in the movie 'Groove Tube' [1974], the film closes with a gag Health Department PSA on STD's, hosted by a puppet on a park bench, closer inspection showing it to be a penis, Buzzy's, as it turns out.

Funny, had recalled the scene, Debra and i, then married, had seen the movie, and strangely enough, when separating, each of us going through separate health clinic scares.

Once in Santa Rosa, hearing of a [Village] Drive-in, no longer around, kids called the 'VD'.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

heimy shapiro

Felice also volunteering cute story of 'Heimy Shapiro', an everyday commoner apparently with world-wide recognition, the punch line, a woman in the crowd around the Vatican spotting Heimy, turning to a friend next to her, "Who's that standing next to Heimy Shapiro?", she replying "Oh, that's the Pope."

Funny, Felice's last name 'Weiner', around the time discovering kosher hot dogs, 'Oscar Meyer' and 'Nathan's'.

And all the amalgems, after marrying, moving to Meyer Road, a neighbor of OJ Simpson, whose attorney for his trial was Shapiro.

And a class project with Town of Amherst, studying traffic flow on Heim Road.

Around the time Debra seeing a therapist, Oscar, around home life, and seeing her father's wiener, his name, Nathan, of course.

In the Projects, a German family, Wakenheim, friends with the son, Tommy,   And read now 'heim' a suffix meaning 'home'.

So i was staged at Tanforan in San Bruno, outside Sears, and what pulls up?, ....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FUNNY THING about John Denver

Got to know John Denver from his songs about Rocky Mountains, Colorado, West Virginia, Jacques Cousteau's ship 'Calypso', and trailers of his movie 'Oh God' [1977], with George Burns.

Later seeing he had written 'Jet Plane' for Peter, Paul, & Mary, only to have died flying a 'home-built' experimental aircraft, it reportedly 'down in Monterey' [borrowing a line from 'the Animals', 1967], the day after my birthday [OCT 12, 1997].  The plane, a 'canard' design, so who knows what to believe.  Reading now, he being born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., on New Years Eve [1943], in, where else, ...Roswell, NM.

gotta have friends

Met a few of Debbie's friends, Dougie Pollack stopping by, from Freeport, getting a chuckle from Deb, he taking a seat in the wholly unused living room, peering around at all the furniture protected in plastic.  Would see Dougie again back at UB, we running into him at the fountain, among a crowd of students milling about, there sitting in a circle.  "Look, it's Dougie!" Debra excited, he nonchalantly standing and turning, revealing nude in public, Debbie turning on a dime, her expression 'Did i just see that?', as we quietly walked away.

Met Debbie's best friend in HS, Felice, outside her house in Old Bethpage, younger sister Daphne, both parents teachers, studious, avid reader, offering a few amusing jokes- "Did you hear what happened to the 'Unsinkable Molly Brown'? ....she went down on the Titanic,"    And "What's the difference between parsley and pussy? don't eat parsley."  Followed by some jostling, where she tugged on my t-shirt, i instinctively tugging on hers, she bra-less, unwittingly getting a peek at her small tits.

So a day would come, Felice over Debbie's house, parents away, Debbie using her parent's shower, we entering their bedroom as Debra steps out, Felice remarking, "Debra, you're boobs are showing!", Deb taking it in stride, "He's seen them before."  The karma of the exchange lost on me at the time.

Weird though, Felice's last name, Weiner, a continuum of a hot dog theme, more so considering 'Dougie' close to 'doggy' in spelling.

For the return trip back to Buffalo, Debra offering to take her former boyfriend, Howie, he blonde, didn't look Jewish, a student at Albany, it was on the way.   On Debra's request, Howie driving as we got into the back seat, circling the lot, "Is this a short cut?", i recall joking.  Who would have guessed it would later be a title for a Robert Altman film ['Short Cuts', 1993].  Odd too, Howie planning to study abroad that next semester, in Singapore, of all places.  At a time liberation is being celebrated, he's off to one of the world's harshest, strictest places, unless of course, it's code. (sing.a.pour? ...poor?); who knows.

Felice, originally Albany, went off to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, reportedly catching "a funny looking guitar player at a cafe there, ...John Denver, ...", never heard of him, up to then, that is.

island tour

Debra excited to play tour guide that first weekend, dinner in Manhattan at Mama Leone's, followed by a free concert in Central Park, 'Dr John, the Night Tripper' performing, she jumping in the back of the Falcon, changing outfits in crosstown traffic.

The following day in Brooklyn's Coney Island, home of Nathan's Hot Dogs, riding the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel.  At the outset, i in sandals, catching a discarded ear of corn in my foot, not worthy of mention save for the coincidence of getting a corn, a first for me, on that very spot after arriving in Santa Rosa.

And were there hidden codes in the choice of amusement park rides, 'Cone e, I'll land',  'We'll Wonder' and 'Sigh, clone'?  Less cryptic, the famous hot dog stand bearing the same name as Debra's father, we'd periodically go to another Nathan's outlet closer to Plainview, in Hicksville.  In time, haring of the National Hot Dog Eating Contest held each year on July 4th at the park, finding a long time champion, Joey Chestnut, bearing the same name as a popular park outside Buffalo, Chestnut Ridge.

The proximity at a key time in the Dr John concert, featuring his one hit, 'Fire', and lunching at Nathan's, point to Nat King Cole's 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire', [1944, written by Bob Wells & Mel Torme], aka 'The Christmas Song'.  And are we to believe 'Mamma le one'?

Oddly enough, Seinfeld had an episode around Melissa Torme.

Wanna say it was that day in Brooklyn, us going horseback riding, of all places, down one of the Borough's medians (Ocean Parkway? Kensington?).

Monday, April 20, 2015

FUNNY, 'propellers' would come-up again, ....

...Denny with a power boat docked at Jafco, in need of a propeller, he reportedly slipping into the water one night for a case of 'Midnite Marina'.

And inviting Suzie, Joel, Debra, & i to stop by one night, for a ride out on the Niagara, the cold driving us down below, til called aft, Denny pointing out the bow was dipping from the weight.

Funny too, the root, 'propel', code for 'prop 'ell'? ...And 'Jafco', code for 'ya'aft co'? ...'aft' a term for moving toward the tail of an airplane or rear of a ship.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Sometime after my moving from #5 to #9 on South E Street, Landlord Frank and new son-in-law Daryl resituated the stair case to the upper level, adding separation from the wall so as I was told, to reduce noise to the adjacent dwelling, leaving me with the impression Daryl just thinking-up projects to do. 

Though oddly resonating of visiting Debra's home in Plainview, it a masterful floor plan in levels, invited there for the Jewish Holidays, meeting the parents, she playfully pushing me out of the kitchen over wearing a yamaka, "Do you have one with a propeller on top?", my quip.

There noticing how Debra would stomp up the stairs, like a kid again, theorizing that both daughters, when returning home, would, on some level, regress to being daddy's little girl, Debra being his favorite.

It's funny, Seinfeld had an episode where Kramer, reconfiguring his apartment, obsessed with levels.

So running into neighbor Gary A. outside, he residing in #5 before me, and was confiding about a night in Moon Valley, in a hot tub with women from the Program, noticing their 'hairy triangles', to me sounding juvenile, when reminding him it was an anonymous program, he storming off, "I'm going upstairs to work a step!", not getting the irony til later.